Learning, Training & Development with Measurable Outcomes


Making people better at what they do

"A ‘graduate’ of the Leadership Challenge programme appointed to cover a large CDC  (distribution centre) has demonstrated the tools learnt and great leadership capability in terms of team structure, one-to-one conversations, and encouraging others to demonstrate their own capability. This has resulted in tangible cost benefits being seen representing a weekly saving of £264,000."  -  Jill Griffiths, Leadership Development Manager, Co-operative Group

Making people better at what they do - it's a simple vision.  At its heart is our belief that learning in business should be:

  • - goals-focused
  • - relevant and engaging 
  • - immediately put into practice
  • measurable

In the end, it’s what people do differently after working with us that counts. We have 18 years' experience in supporting our clients to change, develop and grow.  Our programmes draw on the latest research into effective learning that makes a difference in the real world.  We can work with you through:

  • - classroom workshops 
  • - work-based projects 
  • - online 
  • - social and 
  • - collaborative learning.

Whichever medium we are using, the learning is always participative, and we underpin all our programmes with structured implementation and learning-transfer activities to ensure employees and companies can truly achieve lasting change and genuine expertise in Leadership & Management, Sales, Commercial Skills and Communication.