Our Approach

At Phoenix, we strongly believe that every programme we deliver must make people better at what they do. This simple philosophy ensures that participants return to work with new skills & techniques and, most importantly, the confidence to actually put them into practice.

   - To truly understand your organisation and the challenges it is facing

   - To define and agree business beahvioural goals and metrics

   - To engage with the participants


   - Clear agreement of what you want to achieve

   - Translation of your goals into clear learning objectives

   - Creating behavioural change

  - Design and deliver for results


  - Real life examples and case studies rather than traditional generic 'training' examples

   - Practical and relevant tools and techniques

   - Tailored solutions to meet your specific desired outcomes

  - Engaging delivery - in the classroom and online - at the right place, level and style for each group


 - Practical application to real-world scenarios - both in the classroom and online

   - Individual feedback and action plans, fed into personal development plans

   - Support via Promote, our learning transfer platform, for managers to easily coach, feedback and reinforce behavioural change

   - Stakeholder and manager feedback and engagement


 - Level 1 - Reaction to learning (Feel)

   - Level 2 - Knowledge & Capability (Know)

   - Level 3 - Behaviour (Do)

- Level 4 - Results (The Numbers)

We strive for Level 3 and 4 results in everything we do.