Learning Transfer

On the whole, people enjoy training.  They really do! With any decent facilitator, participants leave satisfied and motivated, and with intention to do something differently.  But something seems to be broken when it comes to what happens next; because alarming research shows that on average, for every six people involved in a learning experience:



Why do so many people not use what they have learned?

There are a number of factors at play that can prevent the learning from ‘sticking’, and creating lasting impact.

In a nutshell

  • Getting learning to successfully transfer into an organisation is a problem
  • Millions of pounds invested into training is wasted as a result of haphazard planning, insufficient support, inefficient processes, and inattention to results
  • Being practical, relevant and inspiring at the point of delivery is not enough for learning & development to justify itself – it needs to make a difference, and that happens outside the classroom


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