Making Learning Stick

Genuine Return on Investment

On the whole, people enjoy training, they really do. With any decent facilitator, participants mostly leave satisfied and motivated, and with intention to do something differently.

But something seems to be broken when it comes to what happens next; because alarmingly research shows that on average, for every six people involved in a learning experience:


Why do so many people not use what they have learnt?

There are a number of factors at play that can prevent the learning from ‘sticking’, and creating lasting impact.


In a nutshell

Getting learning to successfully transfer into an organisation is a huge problem.

Millions of pounds invested into training is wasted as a result of haphazard planning, insufficient support, inefficient processes, and inattention to results.

- Being practical, relevant and inspiring at the point of delivery is not enough for learning & development to justify itself – it needs to make a difference, and that happens outside the classroom.


PROMOTE® - Making Learning Stick

Phoenix has a solution that helps training make the difference it should, and we call it PROMOTE®.

We took as our starting point the essential truth that:


We thought: if it’s a journey, then wouldn't it be good to map out the entire ‘track’ from end-to-end, to provide clarity and certainty about what to do and when, in order to arrive at a successful destination?


So that's what we set out to create.


PROMOTE® - What it is, and how it works


PROMOTE® is Phoenix's cloud-based learning platform.

It enables us to bring every crucial element together in a single cloud-based location for every learning programme that our clients wish to run, including:

Goal Setting and Action Planning

Line Manager engagement and Coaching

Written resources and knowledge packs

E-learning modules, and quizzes to test retention

- Multi-media inputs: embedded video & audio presentations

Social architecture (shared profiles, and social timelines for action learning sets)

Gamification (progression meters, plus gates, locks and bonuses as participants progress)

Assignments and activities to drive engagement and implementation

Evidence and data capture to demonstrate the return-on-investment in terms of behavioural change.


More than anything else, what it provides to our clients is VISIBILITY.


Importantly, PROMOTE® doesn’t replace face-to-face training in the classroom – it enhances it massively.

- It allows face-to-face events to add the value they are best-designed for, i.e. practical exercises, immediate feedback, and dynamic group shared experience.

In a time-poor, global market, it makes sure that sessions can be delivered in the medium that suits them best. 

And every programme is built uniquely to fit the client’s culture and style.


Licenses cost £150 per participant per programme, with a 12-month duration of access.  PROMOTE® can be used in tandem with Phoenix as designers & deliverers, or equally it can be licensed for use with internally-delivered programmes




PROMOTE® - Delivering results L & D can be proud of.