Increasing Value From Your Existing Programmes

Do you want to increase the application of your participants' learning?

Do you want to demonstrate what internal learning activities are being used and how successfully?


Using our development expertise, combined with the functionality of our learning transfer platform PROMOTE©, we can help transform your in-house training activity into fully blended programmes.  Our specialist advisers are already working with clients to:

  • Review existing content to ensure that it is aligned to organisational goals and objectives
  • Explore opportunities for improving efficiency of time spent in the training room
  • Analyse how technology platforms can improve existing face to face programmes
  • Create innovative, challenging and, above all, relevant activities and tasks to draw out and practise skills learned
  • Develop the training team's face to face and web-based training, coaching and facilitation skills
  • Identify what to measure from Kirkpatrick levels 1 to 4 and how to do so as efficiently and accurately as possible
  • Put in place a means of demonstrating genuine ROI 


Please contact us today on 020 7234 0480 or info@phoenix-training.co.uk to explore how we can help you.