First Response Finance

  • Duncan Twigg, Team Leader,Train The Trainer

    'Highest standard of training I have ever experienced. Attention to detail was superb and relevance was 100%.

The Background

Having previously utilised Phoenix's Essential Management and Inspirational Leadership open courses, First Response Finance approached Phoenix to assist them with the development of their internal training team.

Learning & Development plays a pivotal role at First Response, and they must therefore ensure that their delivery team provides the very best solutions - both in terms of accurate diagnosis and inspiring delivery - to their internal clients.

Our Approach

Phoenix first spent some time with First Response'sTraining Manager, understanding the participants' existing strengths and development areas, as well as their background and overall L & D experience. As one might expect, the group were made up of a wide range experience levels and indeed personalities, so it was crucial that we designed a programme that had a broad appeal, whilst still providing enough focus on the challenges faced by each individual.

With that in mind, we designed a two day workshop that allowed time for each individual to deliver a mini training session, followed by detailed trainer and fellow participant feedback. This highly practical approach ensured that all the participants got every opportunity to practise those skills that they found most challenging.

With only two days to work with, we were also aware that whilst clear progress had been made by all the participants, some would need further support as they developed new courses and tried to incorporate a refined delivery style. Fortunately, this level of support is an integral part of Phoenix's offering and something that we offer free of charge to all our clients. Moving forward, we have been able to provide invaluable support to all the participants as they are faced with new challenges in terms of designing and delivering the high quality training solutions that are expected.

The Results

First Response's internal delivery team continues to provide its clients with innovative and challenging learning solutions. As the team develops, Phoenix continue to offer support whenever it is required and have recently helped the team fully understand the application of Situational Leadership - a key development tool used throughout First Response.

What the client says

"The delivery was exceptional, I was engaged, interested and left wanting more."  --  Zoe Matthias

We had our annual team leader presentations this week and I cannot tell you the impact that Situational Leadership has had on every single person. It really is credit to yourself. Thank-you so much!!!  --  Philip Gibbs - Training Manager