Lynne Plater, Lead Learning & Development Consultant Sales Through Customer Service

'I was impressed with their refreshingly honest discussions right from the start - unlike many others Bill & Oliver told it straight, not what they thought we wanted to hear!  I have been particularly impressed with the fact that the involvement from Phoenix goes beyond 'just providing a delivery resource' and that they have been genuinely interested in the impact that the learning has on our business.'



The Background

HSBC required a partner to deliver a major training programme throughout the UK. Its branch environments were to undergo a major refurbishment and staff needed the training to develop their retail sales approach and become more effective as teams.

Having won a competitive pitch, Phoenix Training & Development had to provide the client with a team of high quality, extremely positive trainers to deliver on sales, customer service, teamworking, and change. Demands were high and our training team had to be flexible to adapt to the timescales and volumes involved in the project, whilst all the time ensuring that results stayed high. The training groups varied between 10 and 80 in size, and in almost every case had never trained together as a whole branch before. This made for varying and interesting dynamics which needed to be recognised and catered for when delivering the course. Within this project there were also the ongoing complications of sometimes having to run many events simultaneously across the country, so administrative support was a vital part of Phoenix's training provision.

Our Approach

The programme consisted of 4- and 5-day courses, co-facilitated with HSBC consultants, or sometimes as Phoenix-only delivery.

Phoenix Training provided the specific skills expertise, HSBC the internal contextualization. The courses were a mixture of technical sales skills and highly motivational team work exercises. The main issue was to ensure that the momentum was high throughout the week of the course and to combine technical skills with positive mental approach. The groups were made up of a wide variety of delegates with a wide range of experience, some of whom had received little or no training, some who had received a lot. This meant group management became a critical aspect of the training requirement. Latterly, each event was followed up after three months by a day of in-Branch coaching from the Phoenix trainer, which provided an opportunity to revisit key messages and further embed learning in a completely bespoke way.

The Results

Running for over four years, this ambitious project was seen as a "revolution" within the Bank, and the Network Development team who oversaw it have been explicit that the training week has been the jewel in the crown of the refurbishment process.


The best and most consistently singled-out part of the whole Retail Refurbishment Revolution process  -- Lorraine Ellis, Network Development Team

I have just returned from closing the Sparkle Week for Poultry branch.The Poultry branch team of 70 are moving next week to new premises in the City of London. Many of the current team are somewhat 'institutionalised' having worked at Poultry all of their careers (25 years in some cases) Apart from the sheer size of the group there are some 'interesting' characters in the team and the Sparkle Week was, potentially, 'higher risk' than normal.I have to say the feedback from the team has been fantastic. They have fully committed to the activities this week and are really looking forward to their new challenge and opportunity. [The trainers] have done a brilliant job with the team and I would like to express my thanks for their support.  -- Ian Urquhart, Area Director, City of London