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  • Scott Campbell Operational Director Selling in Meetings 

    'Sangeeta made a point of telling me she believed that these changes, from the training, had allowed her to understand the needs of the individuals and hence win the work.'




Phoenix was invited to submit its recommendations for equipping the sales teams of RPS Health, Safety and Environment with a range of key techniques to enable them to perform excellently in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

Whilst there was general confidence in what Phoenix could provide in terms of sales training, there were initial concerns raised about our understanding of what is a highly complex marketplace and the challenges with which the sales people were faced.Before we were given the go ahead to deliver any training we therefore had to demonstrate our ability to fully understand their business.


Given this initial concern, our comprehensive consultancy service was central to the overall approach. The consultancy was focused around 4 key areas

  • Organisational Imperatives
  • Sales Processes
  • Participant & Stakeholder attitudes
  • Measurement
  • and in order to get a balanced view of these four metrics we spent threedays at the following RPS sites - London, Manchester and Bicester.

Having undertaken such a detailed consultancy process, we were confident that our diagnosis of the requirement was very robust and we recommended an ongoing Sales Development programme based on the following key areas - pipeline development, listening skills, proactivity, closing skills, creativity and questioning.

Depending on the participants' experience levels we ran a series of one or two day workshops, complemented by surgery style follow-up days approximately three months after the original events. These provided a perfect opportunity to review what has worked and what hasn't, as well as focusing in on some specific challenges that the individuals had been faced with.

The results

The programme remains at the heart of RPS Group's sales development, with most of the participants having attended at least three surgery days in addition to their initial core skills programme. Plans are in place to continue the development moving forward, ensuring that the participants remain fully equipped to develop business in any environment.

What the client says

"Sangeeta was sent onto a Telemarketing appointment with Arriva in Leicestershire and had limited success so when a second appointment was made in Luton she was less than confident in winning the work. However, the meeting was post training and she was asked to attend as it was a large opportunity. On speaking to the HR Manager she identified their needs and buying 'type', she also asked to speak with the key decision maker (MD) to identify their needs as they were signing the cheque. On her return to the office she decided to change the way she presented the proposals, instead of using the standard template she inserted a section aimed at the MD (who was a status buyer) and a separate section for the HR Manager (who was a social buyer). By doing this she felt that she addressed both their needs. Sangeeta went on to win the work at a value of £60K and was asked to re-quote for the work which we were previously unsuccessful at, worth a further £70K! Sangeeta made a point of telling me she believed that these changes, from the training, had allowed her to understand the needs of the individuals and hence win the work."

Scott Campbell - RPS - Sales Workshop