Blended Options - combining the latest technology with flexible resources to drive individual accountability.

Blended Options

The way we work has changed dramatically,  as has the way we learn. Technology now plays an even greater part in our lives and contemporary, virtual learning and development initiatives need to reflect this.   Not only can technology enable highly scalable, cost effective learning but it can also encourage participants to take more personal responsibility for their own development, providing flexible support when it is really needed and when time allows. All our programmes are now delivered virtually and are enhanced by our Learning Transfer Platform – PROMOTE – which facilitates the entire blended learning experience and most importantly tracks its application. Click here to find out more about PROMOTE and how it enhances our best programmes.

In addition, we have a suite of e-learning modules which can be used to support our programmes and assess understanding before, during and after any event. Designed around the principles of micro learning, these can be used in conjunction with PROMOTE or independently alongside more traditional virtual workshops.

Finally, we have developed a range of multi-media resources – videos, audio clips, pdf’s, quizzes etc – that can be accessed by participants whenever they need a little bit more support.

In a rapidly changing world, Phoenix are ideally-equipped to provide high quality and safe learning solutions across the world.

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