We always adopt a highly flexible approach when working with our clients but there are seven key principles that underpin our approach to design and delivery:

01. We believe that true success in learning and development is rarely achieved through a one-off event.

02. We build our programmes around organisational performance, not individual learning objectives.

03. We recognise that whilst short, sharp face to face training remains critical, a truly effective programme also requires commitment and engagement beyond the training room.

04. We encourage participants to take responsibility for their ongoing development.

05. We actively embrace technology to create truly blended solutions.

06. We measure the impact of the learning, so that you can demonstrate ROI.

07. We combine innovation with purpose, ensuring that your learning has both style and substance.

High Performance Learning Journeys – a unique approach

All our programmes involve the following 4 key stages:

Commitment to the journey

Build a knowledge foundation

Develop and practice skills and techniques

Strengthen results

Our People

Phoenix has a full-time design and delivery team, fantastically supported by our client relationship director and office manager. They are backed up by a selection of long standing associates who offer specific subject expertise and collaborate with us on some of our larger projects.

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