Channel 4 – Airtime Sales and Airtime Management Development Programmes


Background and Objectives

The content focused on 5 key areas – Sales, Customer Service, Communication, Brand Awareness and Creating A Positive Environment, and was designed to develop new skills and techniques, as well as initiating broader attitudinal & behavioural changes.  Alongside this, we ran a Management Development Programme, to ensure that all those with people management responsibility could not only support their teams effectively moving forward but also play a key role in helping to sustain the impact of the training.

The programme culminated with each team having the opportunity to present what they had learnt and how they had been able to apply it to their day to day roles.  Each presentation also required a short film which provided a fantastic chance for the participants to show just how creative they could be.

Such was the positive nature of the feedback that we were asked to deliver a similarly structured programme on behalf of the Airtime Management Team with equally excellent results.

The Results

“The standard of the actual training delivered by Phoenix was 10/10.”

“This was by far the best course of this type I have ever taken part in. “

“I think it’s clear from my enthusiasm and appreciation regarding these training opportunities that I would love to work with Phoenix again.”

“Absolutely, I think their style of training really accessible for everyone and they do a great job of tailoring the training appropriately.”

“I liked the informality and open discussions regarding the sessions.  It was nice to be a part of as opposed to being spoken to.”

“I love Bill,  I’d like him to be my older brother.”

“By using a blend of short face to face modules, work related activities, topical debates and a final presentation event, Phoenix ensured that their recent work with our Airtime Sales Team went way beyond the confines of a traditional “training” programme.

It was expertly facilitated by Bill and Vanessa, ensuring high levels of engagement and commitment from a very diverse range of participants, leaving me in no doubt that much of the learning will be applied on a regular basis.

Phoenix’s genuine commitment to improving performance has been clear for everyone involved at Channel 4 to see and we look forward to working with them again soon.”

Jonathan Allan, Sales Director