Situational Leadership - help managers provide their people with exactly what they need, when they need it.

Phoenix are one of the UK’s leading practitioners in situational leadership.

In a world where the motivation to work with little supervision has never been more important for employees, situational leadership gives leaders the knowledge and skills to develop their people with self-reliance as an overarching goal.  Resourcefulness, resilience, tenacity and self-confidence are attributes delivered through the clarity of what needs to be achieved, the commitment to get it done and the competence to do it well.

Situational leaders recognise exactly how to provide just the right amount of direction and support to help their team members succeed. They know how to develop competent and motivated contributors who deliver faster results for your organisation.

We can deliver standalone workshops that introduce the key principles of situational leadership and how to use it practically back in the workplace or alternatively, we use it as part of a modular programme, linking it closely to such key topics as performance management, coaching, feedback and delegation.  Take a look at this sample agenda for a better idea of what we can do.

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